Class Schedule

Private & semi-private Irish dance classes are offered for students enrolled with Yeates Academy of Irish Dance. Please contact us to inquire about enrollment or to book a private lesson. For Fall 2020, all classes at the Portland Studio are offered simultaneously in person and online unless otherwise noted.

Monday (SALEM)
4:15-5:15 Beginners/Adv. Beginners
5:15-6:15 Prizewinner/Champions

Seasonal Classes as scheduled by Sinead. Check the monthly calendar.

Tuesday (PORTLAND)
4:45-6:15   Prelim. Champions
6:30-8:00   Open Champions
8:15-9:15   Adults

5:30-6:30 Beginners/Adv. Beginners

Wednesday (PORTLAND)
4:15-5:15  Adv. Beginners
5:30-6:30  Beginners
6:45-8:15  Novice/Prizewinner*
*must be novice in every dance or higher.

Thursday (PORTLAND)
4:30-5:30  Beginners
5:45-6:45  Adv. Beginners
7:00-8:00  Prelim/Open Champions - Drills & Techniques*
*In person only.

Thursday (SALEM)
4:15-5:15   Adv. Beginner/Novice
5:15-6:15   Prizewinner/Champions

4:30-6:00  Open Champions
6:15-7:45  Prelim. Champions
8:00-9:00  Prizewinners

Saturday (PORTLAND)
10:00-11:00 Beginners
11:15-12:15 Adv. Beginners
12:00-1:30   Novice/Prizewinner*
12:30-2:00   Novice/Prizewinner**
2:00-3:00     Eureka Champions*
3:30-5:00     Prelim./Open Champions**
*Online only.
**In person only. 


Saturday (VANCOUVER)
9:30-10:30   Beginners
10:45-11:45 Adv. Beginners
12:00-1:00   Adults/Adv. Beginners/Novice

Dancers should be at the studio at least 5 minutes before class starts. Please refer to Covid-19 policies for additional class guidelines.

Portland Studio
4231 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Salem Studio
317 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

Vancouver Studio
7588 Delaware Ln, Vancouver, WA 98664