- TCRG, Sinead Yeates oversees the class structure and monitors each student's progress.
- Traditional solo & set dances are taught to students ranging in age from 5 to adult.
- Beginner classes are 1 hour. Note: Students can register for 1 or more classes per week.
- Beginner students are taught 4 soft shoe dances; then 3 hard shoe dances.
- A student's progression depends on the individual student; i.e., number of times a student takes lessons per
week; participation in competitions, dedication to individual practice, etc.
- Private & semi-private lessons offered. Fees are due at the time of the lesson. 24-hour notice is required to cancel.
- Workshops are offered throughout the year and will be noted in the monthly Newsletter.
- Regular classes are group sessions and not individual lessons.
- Lessons are also offered in Salem, OR.